“The Real Sugar High”

“The Real Sugar High”

Koko Nuggz Joins Packwoods To Create The World’s First Edible Chocolate Blunt

Los Angeles, CA

November 11th, 2019

“The Real Sugar High”

Celebrity approved Koko Nuggz meets Packwoods to create the most delicious collaboration of the year. Introducing, The Edible Chocolate Blunt: a wafer dipped in chocolate and peanut butter and then dusted off with shake from a jar of Original Koko Nuggz. These chocolate blunts are 100% THC and CBD free, making them the perfect munchie snack to enjoy after smoking a Packwoods.

The Willy Wonka of Cannabis?

Koko Nuggz was founded in late 2017 by Flo Mirsky on a creatively high whim. “I was at a weed convention and noticed everyone running to the food trucks, I realized then the novelty involved in creating a munchie snack for stoners to love.” Said Flo, “I came up with the idea to use chocolate and rice crisps to make a snack that resembled an actual nug of weed”.  Since 2017 Koko Nuggz has grown substantially, partnering with cannabis celebrities Berner, and B-real from Cypress Hill. They have collaborated with a multitude of social media influencers, celebrities, and brands such as Amber Rose, Scott Storch, and the canna-community acclaimed, Runtz Brand. The collaboration with Packwoods, the ever-evolving staple among cannabis consumers and party crowd favorite, was a no-brainer. Packwoods blunts are rolled with 2 grams of premium flower, dipped in high potency oil, and dusted in keif.

“Koko Nuggz THC-Free Edible Chocolate Blunts are the perfect munchie snack to enjoy after smoking a Packwoods”

There’s more where this came from…

Chocolate Blunts are just the beginning. Koko Nuggz has recently released plans to produce chocolate joints, THC and CBD infused Koko Nuggz and more. Look out for this brand online, in your local smoke shop, and sneaker stores.  Koko Nuggz continues to expand and make their place known on the map. Combined with the rest of their original product line, which holds a total of 11 flavors of crispy chocolate nuggz, and worldwide distribution, Koko Nuggz is here to stay.


The Koko Nuggz X Packwoods Collaboration Chocolate Blunts are available now in our shop


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Founded in Los Angeles in 2018 by a team of cannabis industry experts, Packwoods built their reputation on delivering a superior, slow-burning, blunt. In recent months they have been working to expand their product line. Under the PW industries umbrella, consumers can look forward to Pods, Minis, and Roll Your Own Kits. The new products will soon be available in licensed dispensaries in California and Nevada.

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